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Palo del Colle: the town and its people

As the italian name suggests we are on the top of a hill at the sea-level of 177m and the Adriatic sea is only 10km away from us. The location contributes to our mild winter weather and to summers which are not overly humid. The result is a climate which is one of our best allies in the agricultural system and in the delivery of high level products from the land.

The town was inhabited long time before the Roman Age as many findings have confirmed. During the Middle Ages Palo del Colle has witnessed the builing of the Old Town with its walls as well as a Romanic Cathedral. Our castle was later embodied in the palace of the Filomarino della Rocca prince family and now faces Piazza Santa Croce. The piazza is huge and it has always been the heart of our social, political and agricultural life. We are also very proud of the Baroque Purgatory church and its remarkable paintings as well as the Old Bell Tower which is one of the tallest in the area.

Or people are renowned for their simple life and their dedication to work. We are hearty and friendly with a natual vocation to incredibly warm welcome. Trust me, our hospitality reaches its top when you are our guests for dining!

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